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What is “Your Atlantic Experience (YAE)” all about?

We help you provide the best possible experience to your customers.

By using our visitor assessment tools, we can help you focus on what’s most important—turning satisfied customers into loyal customers, saving unhappy customers, and building an army of active brand advocates. Using the latest analytical tools, we help tourism businesses develop a deep understanding of their brand’s customer experience and focus on their key drivers of loyalty.

The YAE solution offers a comprehensive program that helps impact the bottom line through:

  • Customer Journey/Loyalty Mapping: determine the critical elements of the customer journey, where your brand can differentiate, and understand the key drivers of brand loyalty for your customers.
  • Customer Surveys: listen to the voice of your customers to understand how you are meeting their expectations—and develop action plans to fix any issue.
  • Prescriptive Reporting: one size does not fit all; leverage our partner’s world-leading software that extends beyond simple score carding to prescriptive reports algorithmically programmed to coach targeted areas for improvement for each and every location.
  • Social Media Integration: create, nurture, and mobilize your most valuable asset: your brand advocates.


  • Drive Business Transformation: improve customer satisfaction through better alignment of your people and processes with what is most important to your customers.
  • Brand Advocacy: drive new revenues through positive word of mouth from your satisfied customers.
  • Increase Same Store Sales: improvements in customer experience drive customer satisfaction, which, in turn, drive sales. Numerous case studies show the direct linkage of customer satisfaction to visit frequency and positive recommendations.
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